What does my order status mean?

Paid & Unfulfilled
This means that we have received your order but it has not been processed yet. You will receive a notification when your order ships or we will send an email if we have questions regarding your order.

Paid & Fulfilled
This means that your order has shipped. You should have received a shipment notification in the inbox of the email that you used when you purchased the product. If you have not received your tracking number please check your spam box. If it is not there you may contact us to get your tracking number.

Refunded & Unfulfilled
This means that your order has been cancelled. If you were not made aware of the cancellation prior to the refund notification please contact us.

Pending & Unfulfilled
This means that an order has been submitted for you but payment has not been received. You should receive an invoice via email to complete the purchase. If you do not, please contact us.